Name: Michel C Pierre

Stage Name: “Yellaboy”, “Ye11aboy”, Beats by Yella, YellaBeats

Hometown: Miami, Florida ☼

Nationality: American, Haitian and Lebanese

Current Residence: Atlanta, Georgia since 2002


  • Former Disk Jockey [88.3 FM (Miami, FL), 107.5 FM (Fort Pierce, FL), 96.1 FM (West Palm Beach, FL), The 11th Hour Radio]
  • Promotions & Marketing (with record labels:: Death Row, Jive, Loud, Sony, Columbia, and Stress just to name a few.)
  • Music & Mix Producer/Engineer
  • Founder & Owner of Beware Record Pool – Hollywood, Florida
  • Founder & Owner of OnDaMap Inc. & Website – Atlanta, Georgia
  • Music Producer & Engineer for the following artists such as:
    • “There They Go” Lyrics by Top Notch (Billboard Charts #6 on Sales Chart, June-July 2005)
    • “B.O.C.N.” Lyrics by Henry Tyme – EP
    • “Product of The Ghetto” & “Intro” Lyrics by Trajyk – Chicago, IL – Album
    • “Chevy Nii#@#’s” Lyrics by Red Boss – Memphis, TN
    • “Spit Some Game” & “Get Yo A$% Up” Lyrics by 3E – EP
    • “Comin Out Hard” Lyrics by YellaBoy
    • “The Birth” lyrics and production by YellaBoy
    • Keisha Jackson – Atlanta, GA
    • The A-Team – Belleglade, FL
    • and many more
  • Voice Overs for:
    • Corporate, Commercials, Ad’s and Jingles
  • Founder & Owner of The 11th Hour, Inc. (Vision consultant firm)
  • Billboard Charted, June-September 2005



In March 2004, “Yella” dedicated his life to Our Savior, Jesus Christ – the Son of God. Ever since this transition, life on earth as he had known it was no longer the same. He has made true covenant with Our God to serve in the apostleship for His kingdom.

“Yella” had gone through days of many trials and tribulations to include the saved and the unsaved, judgment, criticism and jealousy. However, when he gave his life to Christ Jesus he discovered through the Word of God that all will be well. [John 15:16-27] Through prayer and patience, the Lord took him through a journey that was unforgettable.  

With visions and messengers he came to know and understand what his purpose was in the kingdom. His mission for the kingdom of God [Isaiah 60, KJV] is to utilize one of the blessed gift(s),  of music, knowledge and experience to cross over genres and other entertainment designations. This brought about the creation of The 11th Hour Incorporated, to which he is the Founder, with its sole purpose to pursue,create and interpret visions. One of the visions was to create an entertainment division, used to encapsulate his music creations, ideas, collaborations and bring forth upliftment to all related aspects of the industry.

The sounds you will hear coming from Yella are like no other and the ability to integrate multicultural aspects take them to new heights. The many years of experience leads to diverse production and quality, at times surpassing that of which is labeled “Commercial”.

There is no genre, race or religion that one can categorically fit his works into, but if you were to give it a label it would be called “Soul Sounds”.

With patience, understanding, humility and wisdom he is able to deliver the most intriguing combination of sounds and bring about a very bright light into the entertainment industry from all aspects.

His peers, collaborators and partners appreciate his work with his attention to detail and not to mention his keen insight into the various aspects of the music business.

Yella will ultimately like all the work he has touched to be heard and digested. Which in turn will stimulate your mind and spring  forth an emotion. “All creation set forth an emission, and I would like to ride alongside it using my music creations”.